Dr. Rintell has spoken across the US at program for patients and family members.
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Dr. Rintell has conducted training and continuing education programs.
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Video: Living Well with Parkinson's Symposium, New Jersey APDA
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Resilience is not only the ability to withstand adversity, but the capacity to rebound from adversity, strengthened and more resourceful. As a speaker, my purpose is to suggest specific, practical strategies to help people strengthen their resilience, become more productive, fully enjoy their lives and relationships, and improve their quality of life. My talks have been described as motivational, inspirational, and humorous, while at the same time participatory and entertaining.


I often speak at programs for people confronting chronic illness, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, and Huntington's Disease. I also speak with general audiences, sharing lessons learned through more than 25 years of clinical experience, helping individuals and families adapt to changing life circumstances.



Speaking Schedule


October 2015


10/16/15 Chicago, IL  National MS Society Annual Support Group Leaders Meeting. Strengthening Resilience in Life with MS

10/24/15  Auburn-Lewiston ME, National MS Society Annual Meeting. Adaptation to Life with MS.

10/20/15, Grand Rapids, MI  Give Rounds at St. Mary Neuroscience.  Topic TBD. Sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals


September 2015


9/25/15-9/27/15: Seattle, WA.


August 2015


8/11/15 Can Do MS Webinar, “Taking Charge of your MS Transitions” with Mandy Rohrig D.Pt.

8/14/15-8/16-15  Columbus, OH Can Do MS Jumpstart Program, Improving Communication,  Coping, and Adaptation to MS

8/20/15  Wellesley, MA. “Caregivers and MS Patients: Care for All” Foundation for Neurologic Diseases


June 2015

6/9/15-6/13/15  Denver: Can Do Multiple Sclerosis:  Intimacy in MS, Goal Setting


May 2015

5/16/15, Toronto: American Psychiatric Association Annual Conference, Multiple Sclerosis and Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Care Model, with Laura Safar, MD, Sarah Minden, MD, Lindsay Barker, Ph.D., and Audrey Cecil, LICSW

5/28/15, Indianapolis: Consortium of MS Centers Annual Meeting, “3 Approaches to Psychotherapy in MS” with Fredrick Foley, Ph.D. and Megan Oser, Ph.D.


April, 2015

4/10/11, Baltimore: CMSC Framework of Care Meeting: Mental Health and Cognition in MS

4/11/14, Chicago: Can Do MS Jumpstart.  Improving Communication.

4/30/15, Pasadena: MS Dialogs.  (Location TBA)


March,  2015

3/2/15, Burlington, MA: MS Cure Fund. Talking about Risks and Benefits, with James Stankiewicz, MD

3/5/15, Chestnut Hill, MA:  The Foundation for Neurologic Diseases, Adaptation to Life with MS, with Riley Bove, MD


January,  2015

1/13/15, Online: Can Do MS Webinar, Get Motivated to Get Organized with Juliann Hanson-Zlatev, OTR.  https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/playback/Playback.do?id=22nonu

1/15/15, Peabody, MA: Peabody Parkinson’s Support Group: Strengthening Resilience in PD


November 2014

11/1/14, Bethlehem, PA: St. Lukes Medical Center, Parkinson’s Disease Patient Annual Meeting: Strengthening Family Resilience in Parkinson’s.


October 2014

10/14/14, Webinar, Can Do MS: Navigating the Healthcare Maze. With Lynn Stazzone RN NP https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/playback/Playback.do?id=b3pym1

10/20/14: Boston, MA: National MS Society National Fellows Training Program: Addressing Cognitive and Affective Issues in Advanced MS.

10/25/14: Concord, NH. National MS Society, Greater New England Chapter, Annual Meeting: Positive Adaptation to Life with MS.

10/27/14: Hartford, CT. The Mandell Center for Multiple Sclerosis. Managing Symptoms in MS.


September 2014:

9/12/14, Boston, MA: World Congress on Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS). Parent’s Experience of Pediatric MS.

9/18/14,  Cambridge, MA: Bresnan Neurology Course, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  Parenting a Child with MS.


August 2014

8/16-8/17-14, Hartford, CT: National MS Society, Connecticut Chapter, Strengthening the Partnership: Couples Living with MS. Presented a two day program.


July 2014

7/19/14, Springfield, MA: Can Do MS Jumpstart Program, The MS Growth Path


June 2014

5/5/14, Cambridge, MA: MS Cure Fund: “Strengthening the Partnership: Couples’ Relationships in MS”


April 2014

4/12/14,  Melville, NY: Can Do Jumpstart in Motion:  “Expanding Your Horizons”

4/22/14, Milford, MA: Milford Hospital Parkinson’s Disease Support Group: Strengthening Resilience in PD


March, 2014

3/20-3/22/14  Denver, CO:  Can Do Wellness Program


January, 2014

1/12/14 Newton, MA: APDA Young Onset Parkinson’s Meeting. Strengthening Resilience in PD

December , 2013
12/5/13 Allentown, PA: Lehigh Valley Health System, Neurology Rounds, Addressing Mood and Cognition in MS
12/7/13 Bethlehem, PA: St. Lukes Medical Center Multiple Sclerosis Center: Strengthening Family Resilience
12/19/13 East Orange, NJ: NJ VA Hospital Neurology Rounds: Cognitive and Affective Issues in MS
November, 2013
11/11/13 Teleconference, Veterans Administration, Strengthening Resilience in MS
11/13/13 West Boylston, MA: 3rd Annual Focus on Dementia and Alzheimer’s” Symposium. Resilience in Chronic Illness
11/23/13 Orlando, FL: Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, Parenting with MS
October, 2013
10/5/13 St. Charles, MO: Can Do MS Jumpstart program, GPS for your MS
10/12/13 Allentown PA: National MS Society, Strengthening Resilience in Progressive MS
10/19/13 Baltimore, MD: Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, Parenting with MS
10/21/13 Boston, MA: National MS Society, National Fellows Meeting, Mood and Cognition in MS
September, 2013
9/7/2013 Boston, MA: National Multiple Sclerosis Society The Nuts & Bolts of MS in 2013: A Mini-Fellowship For Residents. Neuropsychiatric Aspects of MS
9/21/13 Braintree, MA: Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, Parenting with MS
June, 2013
6/12/13 Boston, MA: Boston Medical Center Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease Support Group: Quality of Life in PD
6/15/2013, Denver COBridging the Communication Gap between Parents with MS and their Children”. Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
May, 2013
5/7/2013-5/11/2013, Denver CO MS CanDo, Four Days that Transform Lives
5/15/2013 Meridith, NH Improving Quality of Life in MS
5/18/2013 Addison, IL Bridging the Communication Gap between Parents with MS and their Children”. Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
5/30/2013 Orlando, FL Interdisciplinary Teamwork to Manage the Complex PatientConsortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers
April, 2013
4/1/2013, Newton, MA Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, “Psychosocial Intervention with Families Living with ChronicMedical Illness, with a Focus on Multiple Sclerosis”
4/27/2013 Duluth, GA Bridging the Communication Gap between Parents with MS and their Children”. Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
March 2013
3/7/2013, Peabody, MA Peabody Parkinson’s Support Group “Enhancing Quality of Life in PD”
3/22/2013, Burlington, MA Lahey Clinic MS Symposium, Mood and Cognition in MS
February 2013
2/6/2013 Framingham MA Invited speaker, Schwartz Rounds, Framingham Union Hospital
January 2013
1/13/2013, Newton, MA APDA Young Onset Support Group, “Improving Quality of Life in Parkinson’s Disease”
December 2012
12/5/2012, Burlington, MA Foundation for Neurologic Diseases, “Improving Quality of Life in MS”
12/12/2012, Dedham, MA Foundation for Neurologic Diseases, “Improving Quality of Life in MS”
12/18/2012, Concord NH “Improving Quality of Life in MS”
November 2012
11/28/2012 Waltham, MA Foundation for Neurologic Diseases, “Improving Quality of Life in MS”
October 2012
10/20/2012 Cheyenne, WY Keynote Speaker, NMSS Wyoming Chapter Annual Meeting
September 2012
9/15/2012 Nashua, NH MS CanDo Jumpstart Program
9/16/2012 Rutland, VT MS CanDo Jumpstart Program
9/21/2012 Norwood, MA PD Support Group, “Strengthening Resilience”
August 2012
8/8/2013 Worcester, MA, Parkinson’s Support Group. “Strengthening our Resilience in PD”
8/8/2013 Newton, MA, Parkinson’s Support Group, “Strengthening Resilience”
July 2012
7/14/2012 Stanford, CA American Parkinson's Disease Association, “Caring for the Givers”
June 2012
6/2/2012 San Diego, CA The Consortium of MS Centers Annual Meeting. “Mood and Cognitive Disorders in MS”
6/12/2012 Hadley, MA “Cognition in MS”
6/16/2012 Portsmouth, NH National MS Society, “Men with MS”